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247 Ridge McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 218-2645

Wonderment Bakeshop & Creamery is a small batch artisanal ice cream and shortbread style tart business based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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This bright ice cream gets its zip from fresh lemon zest and juice combined with our French custard base. Paired with gingersnap cookies with the ideal blend of cinnamon, ginger and molasses - the result is a perfect combination of spicy and tart.


For this classic spring combination, we combine fresh strawberries and tart rhubarb to our custard base. The rhubarb provides a citrusy tart contrast to the sweet strawberries. Paired with our graham cookies for the full pie-esque experience.


Light, floral and sweet. We steep lavender buds into our honeyed ice cream base, then add swirls of local honey to the ice cream after churning. It is a delicate and whimsical ice cream that pairs with our lavender sugar cookies.


This summertime favorite is the product of fresh local strawberries from Chile's Peach Orchard in Crozet, VA. Picked in peak season, juicy strawberries are blended into our custard base, churned and then sandwiched between two oat sugar cookies.


Our classic strawberry ice cream gets updated with the addition of a basil-steeped custard hat is both sweet and peppery, producing an aromatic fruity ice cream. Paired with oat sugar cookies handmade from scratch.


Toasted Coconut, three ways. Nutty, toasted coconut is steeped in our ice cream base, then added to our finished churned product and finally used for rolling our classic sugar cookies in. This ice cream sandwich is not overly sweet but still feels fresh and tropical. Occasional upgrade: Mango swirl.



For this rich ice cream, a berry compote (blueberry or mixed berry) is swirled throughout a freshly churned cheesecake flavored variation of our classic custard base. Crushed graham crackers are then swirled in for a finishing touch, and the cream is paired with homemade graham cookies.


Local blueberries, lemon juice and zest produce a dark blue compote which is then swirled throughout our classic custard base. Paired with a lemon sugar cookie that is rich with lemon zest and juice flavor, the resulting sandwich is a fruity and bright treat for a summer day.


Add this sandwich to the list of many ways you can enjoy sweet corn this summer. We wait until the depths of summer to pick plump and sweet ears of corn to steep in our custard base. Once churned, we swirl in a mixed berry compote that complements the corn base perfectly. Paired with a brown sugar oat cookie.


Cherries + chocolate = perfection. We start with our vanilla brown sugar base and stud that with local cooked red cherries, their resulting cherry syrup and chunks of 72% dark chocolate. Paired with a dark chocolate cookie with chocolate chunks or chocolate chip cookie.


Our favorite pie in ice cream form! Bright and refreshing, this slightly sweet and tart sandwich features lime zest and key lime juice with crushed graham crackers swirled throughout for a finishing touch. It is perfectly paired with homemade graham cookies.


An end of summer season treat, this bold ice cream contains pounds of local concord grapes from the farmers market. It evokes the taste of childhood and adds a touch of sophistication. It is a bold, tangy and sweet ice cream paired with a classic sugar cookie.



One of our favorites to make, our apple pie ice cream officially welcomes the fall season. We take lots of local apples, of all varieties, and cook those down with brown sugar and spices to create an applesauce. We add that to our custard base and scoop the finished product between snickerdoodle cookies.


If you are a sweet potato fan, you have to try this. Our brown sugar base gets a massive upgrade from spiced baked sweet potatoes and swirls of toasted and charred marshmallows.  then scooped between our brown sugar oat cookies.


Pure, maple goodness. We use grade B maple syrup, because we don’t accept that weak Grade A stuff. We want an ice cream that is pure, dark amber maple. This ice cream is great on its own or paired with our oatmeal cookies or better yet, pecan studied oatmeal cookies.


The quintessential fall spice gets to shine in this ice cream. We add a generous amount of Saigon cinnamon to our brown sugar custard base and call it a day. The subtle heat of the cinnamon is so refreshing in this creamy ice cream. Pairs well with oatmeal cookies or chocolate cookies.


It’s that time of year - pumpkin season! We skip the canned pumpkin and instead grab local sugar pumpkins that are then roasted, pureed and added to our spiced steeped ice cream base full of notes of cloves, ginger and cinnamon.  The ice cream is scooped between gingersnap cookies.


An old ice cream flavor that often gets over looked, our butter pecan is perfectly sweet, nutty and simply a classic. It delivers a big sweetness from the brown sugar base, but is balanced by the contrasting crunch of the toasted pecans.


Same delicious maple ice cream, just made better with bacon. We candy thick slices of hickory bacon until it is perfectly sweet and crispy. This ice cream exemplifies sweet and smokey and is great between our oatmeal cookies.




It’s just not the holiday season without gingerbread. We start with our brown sugar base, steep fresh ginger and then add a mixture of spices and dark molasses. Pair it with our brown sugar oat cookies or gingersnap cookies.


A classic seasonal flavor, in ice cream form. This gorgeous pink hued ice cream gets a double boast of peppermint from organic peppermint extract as well as peppermint candies. Pair it with our sugar cookies to let the ice cream shine.


We may skip the booze but trust us, this ice cream doesn’t need it. Freshly grated nutmeg, homemade eggnog and our rich custard base make this ice cream so ridiculously good, even for non-eggnog lovers. Paired with our spice sugar oat cookies, and maybe a shot of bourbon for tradition’s sake.


If you like spices but also love chocolate, then this is the sandwich for you. Our spicy gingerbread ice cream gets upgraded with flecks of dark chocolate throughout. Pair it with our dark chocolate cookies to further the chocolate experience.


This is our same delicious peppermint base but with a twist. We add melted dark chocolate as it churns to give flecks of dark chocolate throughout. It’s a no brainer to pair a scoop with our dark chocolate cookies.


Our rich and fudgy dark chocolate ice cream gets a kick for the winter months. A good dose of cinnamon and a hint of cayenne add more complexity and depth to the ice cream. It is particularly good paired with our pretzel chocolate chunk cookies or just the classic chocolate cookie.